Energy Portfolio Manager

Automation of optimal energy behavior of relevant elements in the portfolio of one or more community members in specific conditions and time.

Energy studies

A tool for a quick execution of designs and studies. It allows easy simulation of the size and composition of the energy portfolio by modeling of the amount of investments and savings in the decision-making phase of an energy project. Also includes proposition of energy projects and their sizing and aggregation of the consumption points, PVE installation plan, DHWu and battery storage sizing, heat pump and cogeneration proposition. In all studies there are current available grants under consideration.

Our solution

Management under dynamic conditions of the energy market through automated optimization and predictive control of energy flow. It is designed for the power industry, with the possible use for other commodities (gas, water). Works with weather forecasts, forecasts of photovoltaic production and variable price of electricity.

Energy community benefits

Our solution provides fair distribution of power costs (considering customer behaviour, time of consumption, actual prices and self-consumption), maximization of ROI or self- ufficiency, preparation for changes of the energy market and continuous prediction refinement with a feedback loop.