Energy Portfolio Manager
Assignment: Automation of optimal energy behavior of relevant elements in the portfolio of one or more community members in specific conditions and time.

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Predictive Maintenance in Automotive
Assignment: Deployment of predictive maintenance using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for one of the customer’s production lines (paint shop). Continue reading “Predictive Maintenance in Automotive”
Malicious Websites Assessment Model
Assignment: The current method of assessing website harmfulness is an ad-hoc combination of several metrics. Our job is to evaluate features which … Continue reading “Malicious Websites Assessment Model”
Local Distribution Grid Optimization
Assignment: Calculation of optimal control of the substation for the next day (tariff switching and boiler blocking) using consumption prediction and photovoltaic …
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Non-technical Losses Detection Module
Assignment: Identification of illegally connected network segments and places with illegal power consumption.

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Predictive Analytics on Low Performance Chipsets
Assignment: Implement predictive control of distributed systems using predictive analytics directly within already existing Smart Meters. Continue reading “Predictive Analytics on Low Performance Chipsets”
Real-time Anomaly Detection
Assignment: Creation of a universal application for real-time detection of anomalies in machine-generated data.

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Anomaly detection in search engine logs
Assignment: A system capable of detecting anomalies in data produced by web search engine.
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