Predictive Analytics on Low Performance Chipsets

Assignment: Implement predictive control of distributed systems using predictive analytics directly within already existing Smart Meters.

Other applications

Similar approach can be taken to any measuring device collecting data. Instead of sending all the data out, it is possible to do the computations within the device and send only the results.

Our solution

Our BORT and BOCT algorithms use significantly less CPU power than other conventional AI algorithms, so the prediction models can run directly on Smart Meters.
Our Algorithms are capable of adapting to each individual end-point and are self-improving over time.

The result

We have working systems in place implemented on several Smart Meters and continue to test with others.

About ZPA Smart Energy

ZPA Smart Energy was founded back in 1958in Trutnov, East Bohemia. Its focus is manufacturing of complex electrical engineering products with an innovative approach to modern technology