Non-technical Losses Detection Module

Assignment: Identification of illegally connected network segments and places with illegal power consumption.

Input data

30 transformer stations
(1200 consumption points)

  • Hourly consumption profiles
  • Instant voltage values
  • PLC statistics and characteristics

Our solution

Determining suspicious network segments

  • Creation of a topological model
  • Estimation of missing voltage data
  • Determination of the legal power flow
  • Estimation of the actual power flow and calculation of the suspiciousness rating for each network segment

The result

With our method we have achieved 150% accuracy increase in determining the illegal connections, proven by physical inspections of the network (compared to the previously used method).

About Iberdrola – Spanish Distribution System Operator

Iberdrola is one of global energy leaders with over 170 years of history. It is the number one producer of wind power, and one of the world’s biggest electricity utilities in terms of market capitalisation.

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